Our History and Approach

Independent, Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor

Whitegate Investment Counselors, Inc. was founded in late 1992 by Carl Erickson. Our firm is wholly owned by employees with the primary goal to provide clients with financial peace of mind in a cost-effective, client focused environment.

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About Whitegate Investment

Our Investment Approach

We recommend portfolios constructed of exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, individual US Treasuries, and municipal bonds for our clients. Periodic rebalancing of these portfolios allows us to manage cash flow needs and to take advantage of market volatility. 


Diversification is an effective tool for managing volatility. The appropriate level of diversification is unique to each client’s specific situation.

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is an element of consistent execution of an investment strategy. Consideration of easily measured costs (including investment management fees) as well as less obvious costs, such as taxes, adds value over time.


Risk Tolerance is critical. Each client’s tolerance for risk is considered and is an essential component of construction of a client investment portfolio.


Confidence in your advisor during difficult markets will help weather the storm and prevent the very common and very costly mistake of making drastic changes at precisely the wrong moment.

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Whitegate has worked with the Investment Advisor division of Charles Schwab since our founding in 1992 to hold custody of client assets. Schwab issues detailed statements, trade confirmations, and tax information directly to clients. Schwab provides technology tools and support to assist us in monitoring and managing client accounts.

Schwab provides us with back-office support, trade execution, client reporting, and practice management support.

Morningstar provides an array of tools to assists Whitegate with investment research.

Tamarac provides Whitegate with a platform to assist us client portfolio management, including performance reporting and record keeping.

Money Guide Pro provides Whitegate with a suite of financial planning tools to assist clients in making decisions regarding retirement planning, college planning, and other life transition events

Charles Schwab

Envest Tamarac

Money Guide Pro

Morning Star


Disciplined investing, trusted advice, and a knowledgeable team with over 100 years of collective experience.

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